Victor Sowers

"Our life is what our thoughts make it" -Marcus Aurelius

Victor Sowers

I'm a curious thinker with broad interests spanning startups and company building (including managing), philosophy and self-improvement, and investing and finance. I built this site because I am constantly writing about all of these varied things that are on my mind. Practically speaking, I am a co-founder of GoStudy, an ed-tech company, and run revenue operations & lead gen at CB Insights, one of the world's fastest growing data SaaS companies.


Some of the things that make me tick



An experienced backpacker, I love the depth and profoundness of wilderness. For me it is a conduit for self-exploration and my primary connection to my own spiritual path. Navigating back to basics puts a lot into perspective.



Nothing beats a good book for getting lost in another world. I’ve always felt this. I mean, my first screen name was lotsabooks, and I used to walk to school reading! Now sometimes I miss my stop on the train because of it. I devote an entire section of this website to sharing what I’m reading.



Finding meaning, exploring spirituality, figuring myself out, existing. Sometimes I get distracted from this journey but I’m serious about self-development. Maybe I think self-actualization is the key to improving the world.



As a former college tennis player and an avid fan of the Washington Nationals, Baltimore Ravens, and the Dutch national soccer team, sports is a life-long passion. I love competition and I respect what the game teaches us.

My work