Navigating Life

Don’t Sell Yourself Short — Lessons in not F*cking up your job interview

I interview a lot of people for a lot of different roles at a range of seniority levels (many more senior than me). No matter who it is or...

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Don’t Study Like I Wrote Wedding Thank Yous

Don’t study like I write wedding thank you cards. Study like my wife wrote hers....

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Tactical Tips for New Managers

When you become a manager what you do, how you spend your time, and how you are measured all changes. You rely on people more than ever....

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Using Cognitive Dissonance to Hustle

If you’re in the startup world you’re probably familiar with the concept that ideas aren’t worth very much. Instead...

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Don’t Let Your Tea Get Cold

Don’t let your tea get cold. Life is busy. You put your head down and charge into work. Hours pass. You’ve gotten work done...

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How to Create Leverage

In life (and business) we’re often dealing with finite resources. Scarcity exists and that means we have to get creative to achieve...

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