Understanding American Decline: Theories of Imperial Decay

The argument that the U.S. has entered a period of decline is a pretty popular one.

And while our decline may or may not be overstated it seems pretty clear the rest of the world has caught up in a lot of ways. Which makes me curious why we don’t hear as many comparisons between the U.S. “imperial decline” and that of other ancient empires as we used to. Is that because this sort of meta-thesis is out of style? Do people think we are no longer declining as a country? Or this type of uncomfortable truth to close to home?


Through Semifinals, Dutch Class of the 2014 World Cup

A Sneak Peak before the Semi-finals

In my opinion, Holland has been the class of the 2014 World Cup tournament. Much like the other semi-finalists, the Dutch side has been shaky at times. They’ve teetered on the brink of elimination, for example when they were down a goal with minutes left against Mexico before scoring two quick goals to win minutes later in stoppage time. Why?