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It Ain’t All Talk – Principles of Team Communication

It’s a truism that communication is vital to a team’s success.

But the umbrella of communication hides a lot of nuance around who is communicating with whom, how ideas are being conveyed, what norms govern the individual interactions and on and on.

Getting on the same page and rowing in the same direction is HARD.

This post summarizes a presentation I gave to around 25 managers at CB Insights last year which aimed at underscoring how important establishing a common language is within a team (and company). Because if your team can’t communicate, it can’t get things done.


The Kippah at (Not) My Jewish Wedding

I’ve written a bit about the interfaith journey my wife and I are on, but mostly this has centered on the conversations around what it would mean to marry.

Now we’re married and the process of forming a rich tapestry from our combined backgrounds is well underway.

Some of our tensions and questions and feelings and choices around this inter-weaving feel quite comfortable already.

Many others do not (yet).

But I think this dichotomy of comfort and discomfort is precisely the point.


Data Slogs: Creating Alignment for Ops Teams

Data slog: The often grueling and mind-numbing process of cleaning and standardizing your data to ensure it is reliable enough to use for analysis

Data slog: A management tool for operationally oriented teams

In operations, no one is above a data slog.

That statement is core to the operations team I lead. And it’s not just because 75% of what we do depends on good data (the value of good data is generally obvious).

What’s seldom talked about is how orienting your team around thankless data projects contributes to both a better functioning system AND a better functioning team.


Tactical Tips for New Managers

When you become a manager what you do, how you spend your time, and how you are measured all changes. You rely on people more than ever. And they rely on you more too.

Managing is hard. And rewarding. And interesting. And occasionally frustrating.

It’s also a learned skill. Parts of it are a little unnatural. It will take time, especially if you are a star individual contributor, to adjust.