Don’t Study Like I Wrote Wedding Thank Yous

Don’t study like I write wedding thank you cards. Study like my wife wrote hers....

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The Empty Parking Lot at the Synagogue

I walk into the Rosh Hashanah service. It’s the evening before, so admittedly not the high point of the High Holiday. But the synagogue...

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Religious Practices as a Private or Public Good

My girlfriend and I recently had a discussion with Rabbi Irwin Kula where he voiced his concern that many establishment Jewish religious...

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Cosmic Manifest Destiny

I read a very provocative interview of Elon Musk in Aeon Magazine in which he argues that we must put a million people on Mars if we were...

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Is Privacy Dead?

Is privacy dead? Do we still maintain the desire to safeguard our habits and thoughts? Or does our recent disregard for privacy show that...

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Your Next Fridge will Spy on You

With the proliferation of the connected world, privacy (or the lack thereof) should be a major concern for us as citizens. But it...

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