The Hidden Effect of Tribes on Your Life

I’m watching people come and go on the dusty streets of Kuta, Lombok, an island in Indonesia. The foreigners I see through the coffee...

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The Myth of Average

There’s no such thing as an average leader. Or employee. Neutral impact is a myth. One is either a multiplier in the organization...

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Great Sales People are Built not Born

Over the last 4 years I’ve been part of promoting 24+ folks from the sales (business) development rep (SDR/BDR) role. Most of these SDRs...

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The Stupidest (Successful) Path to A Profitable Side Hustle

Would you like to build a business with your friend to $120,000+ in revenue while keeping your full time job? I’m sure many of you are...

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On The Path To Achieving Mastery

Achieving mastery requires some uncommon things. That’s obvious enough, if it were simple and common, there would be many more masters....

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11 Game-Changing Mental Models from Finance

There’s no doubt that mental models are powerful. Whether rules-of-thumb, more elaborate heuristics, or complete scaffolds on which to...

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